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General Questions

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Red Yeast Rice (BioCor) Questions

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BioCor + Q10 (Red Yeast Rice + Coenzyme Q10) Questions

Vasogard (B6, B12, Folic Acid, Betaine) Questions

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General Questions

Why use natural ingredient supplements as opposed to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs?
From the earliest days of history, nature's ability to provide answers for human problems is proven. There are many reasons to use all natural ingredient supplements, especially products offered by Real Natural Remedies.

  • The human body function and mechanisms are more compatible with natural ingredients.
  • Real Natural Remedies products are science based natural medicines supported by published scientific literature.
  • They are as effective as and sometimes more effective than synthetic drugs.
  • Synthetic pharmaceuticals usually cause more side effects. The list of harmful or ineffective drugs continues to grow.
  • Our products offer far less likelihood of side effects and the majority of our products have no known side effects.
  • Pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S.A. have become extremely expensive. The pharmaceutical industry continues to increase prices.
  • Natural medicines are less expensive and more affordable to the general public.
  • Real Natural Remedies supplements can be found over-the-counter at pharmacies, health food stores, online and over the phone (1-888-825-5612 or 301-891-1070).

Can I stop taking cholesterol drugs (statins) completely and move to natural alternatives?
Maybe. It will depend on how high your cholesterol level was and what your cholesterol level is now. For patients on frequently prescribed average doses of cholesterol drugs. The best option would be to supplement with BioCor + Q 10. Individuals who have been taking statins typically have depleted levels of Coenzyme Q10.When this is depleted it can lead to side effects like muscle weakness and lack of energy. Another option is to reduce your statin intake by 50% and begin to supplement with one of our cholesterol lowering supplements like Delta Pro and/or LowChol Natural.After the first month check your cholesterol levels and get further advice from your physician.

Are there any side effects?
The majority of our supplements have no side effects at all. Red Yeast Rice when taken in larger than recommended quantities may cause side effects.We recommend adhering to the directions on the label. Our red yeast rice products (BioCor, BioCor + Q10, Pro BioCor) contain an effective dose that is formulated not to have side effects, though each individual is different.

Do I need to have a prescription?
Although these are prescription grade nutraceuticals/supplements they can be purchased without a doctor's prescription at pharmacies, physician's offices, health food stores and online.

Where are your products manufactured?
Our products are manufactured by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory located in the United States.

Where do the ingredients come from?
All ingredients used in Real Natural Remedies products have been sourced in the United States.

Who formulated the products offered by Real Natural Remedies?
All products have been formulated by Dr. M. H. Chaudhry M.D., F.A.C.P. He is a cardiologist who has been practicing in Maryland for over 35 years.

Are these supplements FDA approved?
No. Dietary supplements or nutraceuticals under current regulation do not require FDA approval. The labeling of dietary supplements must conform to FDA guidelines.Our products are regulated by the Federal Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), which requires us to manufacture safe products.Furthermore, Real Natural Remedies products are manufactured by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory.This means that our laboratory is in compliance and adheres to a specific set of standards laid out by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).You can be assured that our products contain what is stated on our product labels.

Can pregnant women supplement with Real Natural Remedies products?
We recommend our products to be used under medical supervision.Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use any products without consulting their health care provider.

Can children supplement with Real Natural Remedies products?
Children more the 10 years old can take some of these products under medical supervision.Parents should consult their healthcare provider. Whiz Kidz DHA is for children of all ages.

What are the optimal cholesterol & triglyceride levels outlined by National Cholesterol Education A.T.P. III Guidelines and the American Heart Association?
Total Cholesterol < 200
HDL Male > 40
HDL Female > 50
LDL < 100
Triglycerides < 150

Dosage Recommendation Questions

How do I manage cholesterol using Real Natural Remedies?
Managing high cholesterol is complex and is never a one size fits all situation. Each individual is unique and requires a management plan based on individual cholesterol levels and presence of other risk factors like family history, hypertension, diabetes, cigarette smoking etc. When managing cholesterol you may be able to reach optimal levels with one Real Natural Remedies supplement. It may take a combination of 2-3 different supplements.

The following products are each individually applicable to LDL (bad) cholesterol:
Red Yeast Rice (BioCor)
BioCor + Q10
Pro BioCor
Delta Pro

Warning: Do not combine Red Yeast Rice (BioCor) with BioCor Q10 or Pro BioCor. These products contain red yeast rice. Individuals should not exceed more than 2400 mg of red yeast rice per day.

Real Natural Remedies has created a simple three stage approach to managing high cholesterol and getting you to optimal cholesterol levels. Our three stage approach begins with a preliminary dosage recommendation. After 1-2 months each individual should check their cholesterol levels and either maintain or add another supplement if necessary. Some individuals may reach optimal levels at stage 1. Others may need to implement stage 1 and stage 2. Others may need to implement all three stages combined.

Important: If you are an individual who has an LDL cholesterol level greater than 190 (very high risk) or has a family history that includes heart disease and/or heart attack or stroke, we recommend that you begin directly at stage 3. Check your levels after 1-2 months and either maintain stage three therapy or adjust accordingly as long as optimal levels are maintained.

Attain desired optimal levels using the following:

Stage 1
Begin by taking two (2) capsules twice daily after meals of either Red Yeast Rice (BioCor), BioCor+Q10 or Pro BioCor. Check your lipid profile (cholesterol) after 1-2 months. If desired results are not attained proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2
In addition to Stage 1 add one (1) capsule after dinner of Delta Pro. Check your lipid profile (cholesterol) after 1-2 months. If desired results are not attained proceed to Stage 3.

Stage 3
In addition to Stage 1 and 2 add two (2) capsules twice daily after meals of LowChol. Check your lipid profile (cholesterol) after 1-2 months.

I have a triglyceride level of 150-200.What Real Natural Remedies are recommended?
The best recommendation would be to take 1 capsule twice daily after meals of Highest Grade Omega 3’s.

I have a triglyceride level of over 250. What Real Natural Remedies are recommended?
The best recommendation would be to take 2 capsules twice daily after meals of Highest Grade Omega 3’s.

I have a homocysteine level of between 9-15.What Real Natural Remedies are recommended?
The best recommendation would be to take 1 capsule of Vasogard daily.

I have a homocysteine level over 15.What Real Natural Remedies are recommended?
The best recommendation would be to take 1 capsule of Vasogard daily.Re-check your numbers and if you are still above 9 you could increase Vasogard to 2 capsules daily.

Red Yeast Rice (BioCor) Questions

How long does red yeast rice take to be effective? When would I see some results?
Usually after one month.

Is Real Natural Remedies Red Yeast Rice organic?Yes. Our red yeast rice is certified organic. This includes the red yeast rice present in BioCor + Q10 and Pro BioCor as well.

Will red yeast rice upset my stomach?
Red yeast rice in most cases will not upset your stomach. If you are an individual that has problems with digestion you may fare better with Pro BioCor which contains red yeast rice with probiotics for digestion.

What is citrinin and is it present in Real Natural Remedies Red Yeast Rice?
Citrinin is a toxin that has been found in lower quality red yeast rice products. Real Natural Remedies Red Yeast Rice (BioCor), BioCor +Q10 and Pro BioCor contain no citrinin. To understand citrinin read this excerpt from a report. "The following: Contamination: A potential toxin, citrinin, was found in four of the ten supplements:Solary - 14 mcg/pill, Natural Balance- 58 mcg/pill, VegLife - 70mcg/pill, and Walgreens 114 mcg/pill. Ironically, these are also the products with the lowest amounts of lovastatin. Daily citrinin exposure may be higher based on serving sizes. It is not possible to know if these levels are toxic due to a lack of human study, but it would seem prudent to avoid red yeast rice products which contain citrinin. To provide some frame of reference on citrinin exposure, an unusually high level of chronic kidney disease (associated with tumors) is known to exist in the Balkans where there is elevated exposure to citrinin and another mycotoxin (Gupta 2007). Weekly exposure to citrinin among a small sample of healthy individuals in that region was shown to be 9 mcg to 40 mcg (Truckseess 2003). In comparison, a week's serving of the Walgreens supplement, for example, provides about forty times that amount -- 1600 mcg of citrinin."

Pro BioCor (Red Yeast Rice + Probiotics) Questions

What would be the added benefits of Pro BioCor over Biocor?
Individuals supplementing with Pro BioCor would see the following additional benefits:Boosts Immune System - Improved Digestion - Promotes Intestinal Health - Improves Regularity of Bowel Movements - Decreases Inflammation – Additional Cholesterol Reduction via another mechanism.

How does Pro BioCor boost the immune system?Pro BioCor contains probiotics.These are living organisms that line our intestine and fight harmful bacteria and other organisms.They stimulate and strengthen our defense mechanism, thus improving our immunity.Probiotics start improving immunity soon after birth.

How does Pro BioCor help with digestion? The probiotics in Pro BioCor help us digest and process food, promote regularity and help improve mineral absorption. Probiotics support the small intestine to promote healthy immunity, inhibit yeasts and enhance digestion of milk products. They also benefit the large intestine as a safe colon cleanse product that supports healthy liver function.

How long does Pro BioCor take to be effective? When would I see some results?
Usually after one month.

BioCor + Q10 (Red Yeast Rice + Coenzyme Q10) Questions

Why is the Coenzyme Q-10 included in BioCor + Q10? What does it do?
Coenzyme Q-10 is what our bodies produce for energy. Ninety five percent of our body's energy comes through Co enzyme Q-10.Within our body higher levels of Coenzyme Q-10 are present; areas that need it the most are heart, liver and muscles. Overall, Coenzyme Q-10 boosts energy levels.It is included in combination with red yeast rice for a couple of reasons. One reason is because cholesterol drugs deplete Co Q-10 levels.BioCor + Q10 is ideal for an individual who is switching to natural alternatives because their Co Q-10 levels are most likely to be low.Additionally, anyone interested in boosting energy levels plus reduction in cholesterol.

How long does BioCor + Q10 take to be effective? When would I see some results?
Usually after one month.

Vasogard (B6, B12, Folic Acid, Betaine) Question

What is Vasogard used for?
This product is used to manage hyperhomocysteinemia which is high homocysteine.Homocysteine is an amino acid in our blood.High levels of homocysteine are a known cardiovascular risk.

How do you know if you have high homocysteine?
You would have to get tested for homocysteine blood level.

Is Folic Acid good for women?
Absolutely, it prevents folic acid deficiency anaemia.In pregnant women it prevents congenital birth defects.In the general population it is known to reduce risk of colo rectal cancer.

What is Betaine?
It is an enzyme which helps to lower homocysteine levels through another different mechanism.It also improves digestion.

What is B-6?
B-6 is a vitamin. It is an important member of the B complex family. It is neuro protective (protects nerves), an antioxidant and lowers homocysteine levels. It is also known to reduce risk of lung cancer.

What is B-12?
B-12 is a vitamin. It is an important member of the B complex family. It lowers homocysteine levels. It helps pernicious anaemia, protects nerves, is known to reduce risk of lung cancer and it is good for general health.

How long does Vasogard take to be effective? When would I see some results?
After four to eight weeks.

How would I know whether to take 1 tablet of Vasogard or 2 tablets of Vasogard a day?
If you have been tested for homocysteine it depends on your numbers.If your homocysteine levels are between 9 and 15 then we recommend you take 1 Vasogard a day.If you homocysteine levels are over 15 then we recommend you take 2 Vasogards a day.

Highest Grade Omega 3 (Omega 3 Fish Oil) Questions

How would I know whether to take 1 softgel twice a day of Highest Grade Omega 3's or 2 softgels twice a day of Highest Grade Omega 3's?
If you are looking for general benefits of omega 3's then 1 softgel twice a day is sufficient. If you have a high risk triglyceride level then we recommend 2-3 softgels twice a day.

Why is DHA and EPA the most important component in fish oil?
DHA and EPA are the two most potent and essential omega 3 fatty acids. Research has shown that supplementing with omega 3's and especially products which are high in DHA and EPA have shown to have many health benefits. DHA is particularly more important because it is essential for heart and brain function throughout life.

What are some of the benefits of supplementing with an omega 3 DHA/EPA fish oil?
Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Maintains healthy triglyceride levels
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Increases brain function
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improve lung function and exercise performance
  • Improves immune system
  • Balances moods
  • Helps with depression
  • Helps with ADD
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair
  • Improves acne

What are heavy metals and PCBs and are they present in Highest Grade Omega 3's?
Heavy metals are contaminants like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, etc. PCBs are compounds called polychlorinated biphenyls which are toxins and classified as persistent organic pollutants. Highest Grade Omega 3's are free of harmful levels of heavy metals and contain levels of PCBs below the 90 ng allowed in California without a cancer warning. The fish used in our product is wild caught sardines and anchovies from the deep waters off the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These fish are generally considered to be desirable, as the potential contaminants often found in larger fish have not had the time or ability to concentrate as they move up the food chain. Heavy metals are typically found in larger fish like Cod, Tuna, Grouper, and Bluefish. Fish that have been found to contain heavy metals or PCBs are usually farm raised fish. The raw material that is used in our product is highly refined omega-3 oil. Then our fish oil is ultra purified and molecularly distilled to remove potential contaminants. However, the most important factor in ensuring that the omega-3 fatty acid products we offer do not pose a risk due to PCB contamination is the fact that the oils used in our soft gels conform to the voluntary guideline limits for heavy metals and other contaminants including PCBs. The limit set for PCBs is less than .09 ppm for the sum of the PCBs indentified as IUPAC numbers 28, 52, 101, 118, 138, 153, and 180. Consequently, the omega-3 fatty acid supplements offered by Real Natural Remedies do not present a risk with respect to harmful levels of contaminants that may be present in certain fish.

How long does Highest Grade Omega 3's take to be effective? When would I see some results?
Usually 4-6 weeks.

Is Highest Grade Omega 3's pharmaceutical grade fish oil?
There is no standardized definition for the term "pharmaceutical grade." Currently there is only one pharmaceutical fish oil on the market, which requires a doctor's prescription. Highest Grade Omega 3 contains very high levels of EPA and DHA per 1000 mg softgel that closely compares to the prescription product. There are many fish oil brands on the market and most of them are of a lower quality and lower EPA & DHA content. They typically contain 1000 mg of fish oil but no more than 300 mg or less DHA/EPA combined. Highest Grade Omega 3's contain 500 mg DHA and 250 mg EPA per 1000 mg with no unnecessary added ingredients. It contains the highest amount of DHA per softgel.

Why is supplementing with Highest Grade Omega 3's from Real Natural Remedies better than a low cost retail brand fish oil?
Our fish oil typically has 2-3 times the amount of EPA and DHA compared to lower cost retail brands. Unfortunately, many lower cost brands don't outline the EPA and DHA contents on their supplement facts. If you're taking fish oil that only contains minimal amounts of EPA and DHA then you would need to consume 2-3 times more capsules to receive the EPA and DHA content contained in just one Highest Grade Omega 3 capsule. Low cost retail grade fish oil brands also pose a much greater risk of containing heavy metals or PCBs because they do not go through the expensive but necessary distillation process.

Is 1000 mg fish oil the same as 1000 mg omega 3's?
No. All fish oils contain a certain amount of omega 3's and more specifically the EPA and DHA omega 3's. Most brands that claim 1000 mg fish oil only contain 20-30% EPA and DHA omega 3's i.e. 200-300 mg total EPA and DHA. The other 70-80% of the 1000 mg fish oil is just fat that your body does not need and yields no positive health benefits. One softgel of our Highest Grade Omega 3's contains 1000 mg fish oil made up of 75% EPA and DHA omega 3's i.e. 750 mg total EPA and DHA.

I know a brand of fish oil that contains omega 3, 6 and 9's.Is this combination better than just omega 3's?
Although it may seem beneficial to supplement with omega 3's, 6's and 9's this is merely just a marketing ploy. The typical American diet contains too much omega 6's. It's the omega 3's that are crucial and we typically don't consume enough omega 3's in are daily diets. High intake of omega 6's is also known to increase inflammation.

Will you get fishy repeats or burps when taking Highest Grade Omega 3's?
Highest Grade Omega 3's fish oil is ultra purified and molecularly distilled to take out all non-essential ingredients and impurities. Using this level of distillation enables individuals taking Highest Grade Omega 3's to not experience fishy repeats or burps. Our product also features enteric coating. This enteric coating enables capsules to pass through the stomach and get digested in the small intestine, where the oil is absorbed, which prevents fishy repeats, burps and aftertaste.

LowChol Natural Questions

How does LowChol manage cholesterol?
LowChol decreases cholesterol absorption and re-absorption from the GI tract.Basically, LowChol decreases the absorption of cholesterol from foods we eat that contain cholesterol.

How long does LowChol take to be effective? When would I see some results?
Usually six to eight weeks.

What other products work well with LowChol?
LowChol works well with any red yeast rice product (BioCor, BioCor + Q10, Pro BioCor) as well as Delta Pro. This is because LowChol manages cholesterol through what we eat and the GI tract vs. liver synthesis of cholesterol, which is how Red Yeast Rice (BioCor) and Delta Pro work.

Are LowChol capsules vegetarian capsules?

What is the recommend dose of LowChol daily?
Take 2 capsules twice daily.

Delta Pro (Tocotrienols) Questions

What are tocotrienols?
Tocotrienols come from vitamin E and are the sister molecules to tocopherols.Vitamin E is made of 8 molecules. They are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Tocotrienols and Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Tocopherols. In order to achieve the cholesterol effect of tocotrienols they need to be extracted away from the tocopherols. This can be an expensive process. Fortunately, a recent discovery uncovered that the annatto plant offers 99% tocotrienols and no tocopherols. This is the source used in Delta Pro which is a combination of 90% delta fraction tocotrienol and 10% gamma fraction tocotrienol. It is proven that tocotrienols affect cholesterol in much the same way as the cholesterol drugs but in a gentler way that doesn't produce side effects.

How much can Delta Pro lower cholesterol?
Taking one delta pro a day can reduce your bad LDL cholesterol by 15%- 20%.

How long does Delta Pro take to be effective? When would I see some results?
4-6 weeks.

What other benefits other than cholesterol would one get from taking Delta Pro?Delta pro has a number of additional benefits including benefits that statins don't offer. Delta Pro: affects triglycerides and good HDL cholesterol, decreases CRP, decreases LDL oxidation, decreases LP (a), decreases platelet aggregation, decreases thromboxane B2, it is Antithrombogenic, improves endothelial function, improves insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, neuroprotective (protects nerves), increases Co Q-10, improves defense against cancer activity, and no side effects.

If you took a second softgel of Delta Pro would you get twice the effect?
Actually, one softgel a day is the most efficient dose one could take for cholesterol. Taking a second softgel will not offer any additional efficacy.

Can you combine Delta Pro with BioCor (red yeast rice)?
Yes. It can be added to any of the other red yeast rice or any cholesterol lowering products (BioCor, BioCor + Q10, Pro Bio and LowChol). It can also be added to cholesterol drugs (statins).

Can you combine Delta Pro with LowChol?
Yes. LowChol combines well with any Red Yeast Rice (BioCor) and/or Delta Pro because Low Chol affects cholesterol through what we eat and the GI tract vs. liver synthesis of cholesterol, which is how Red Yeast Rice BioCor and Delta Pro work.

Vitamin D3 Questions

Why should I supplement with Vitamin D3?
According to new research 60% of the adult population in the US is deficient in Vitamin D. One source of Vitamin D is from exposure to the sun. With the widespread use of sunscreen and sun block we are actually preventing ourselves from producing Vitamin D from this source. Wide spread use of statin drugs is also contributing to Vit D deficiency.

What are some benefits of supplementing with Vitamin D3?
There is a wide range of benefits that an individual would have from supplementing with Vitamin D3. They are:

  • Improves physical performance, reduces chronic pain and improves mood
  • Known to help regarding winter time infections
  • Known to help regarding influenza "A" infections. It is necessary to maintain bone health, calcium and phosphorus metabolism.
  • Necessary for normal heart function
  • Vit D deficiency contributes to heart failure. Most heart failure patients have low vitamin D levels.
  • Helps hypertension
  • Protects kidneys
  • Helps regarding hypertrophy of the heart muscle
  • Helps regarding diabetes
  • Boosts immune system

Why is 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 the more practical softgel potency?
Real Natural Remedies offers Vitamin D3 2000 IU because it offers the combination of being both effective and safe. Vitamin d3 is fat soluble. Supplementing with 10,000 IU or even 50,000 IU doses may establish reserve levels of vitamin d that are too high, which can lead to an increased risk of toxicity. Supplementing with 2000 IU softgels eliminates this risk. Individuals who are vitamin d deficient can consume 2-3 softgels daily to reach optimal levels of vitamin d. Once optimal levels are reached we recommend supplementing with 1 softgel daily as a maintenance dose.

Order / Shipping Questions

What method of payment do you accept on the website?
We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What freight carrier does Real Natural Remedies use?
Shoppers have the option of both UPS and USPS Priority Mail to ship orders.

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