Twelve Reasons To Choose Natural Medicines

  • Science based natural medicines supported by published scientific literature are as effective and sometimes more effective than synthetic drugs.
  • There is far less likelihood of side effects from natural medicines.
  • The human body function and mechanisms are more compatible with natural ingredients.
  • Natural medicines are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The human species and natural source ingredients are part of nature's universe.
  • Generally people have a tendency to prefer natural medicines, they are happier if given the choice of a natural alternative.
  • From the earliest days of history, nature's ability to provide answers for human problems is proven. The challenge is to identify these natural resources.
  • The teachings of eminent physicians like Hippocrates and Dioscorides, the famous Greek herbalist , known as the father of pharmacy and the famous Ibni-Sina practioner of Unani Tib, they all document extensive use of natural remedies.
  • Numerous pharmaceuticals are developed (originally) from natural resources. Some of the most commonly used drugs like Aspirin, Morphine, a potent pain killer and the cholesterol drug Mevacor, the very first statin were all developed from natural sources.
  • Synthetic pharmaceuticals usually cause more side effects. The list of harmful or ineffective drugs continues to grow.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has failed to follow the principle of "First, do no harm."
  • Pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S.A. have become extremely expensive. The pharmaceutical industry continues to increase prices. The cost of drugs has become an important socio-economic issue
  • Natural medicines are less expensive and more affordable to the general public.
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